Welcome to Just Jazz

just jazz radio

From Auckland’s Sky Tower to New Zealand and the world

Just Jazz is New Zealand’s No1 station for jazz music.

Just Jazz has no listener panel, marketing department, or set playlist. We are commercial-free, independent, and free to play what we like. It is all gut feel and fun (just like radio used to be).

The station features the very best new releases, smooth jazz, jazz-funk, rare grooves, and the cream of classic cuts by jazz greats from across the decades.

Every week we add a hand-picked selection of the latest releases to keep the station’s non-stop music mix sounding really fresh.

Musicians are welcome to send in their new jazz tracks for air-play, and put themselves forward to be interviewed about their music.

We feature details of up-coming jazz performances in our Just Touring feature. Let us know about your gigs.

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